4 Indo-Western Outfits for a Fuss Free Festive Party!

The festive season is here, and as much as we love the season so dearly, this year, we all want to keep the festive attire elegant yet easy-to-wear. The pandemic has caused a lot of stress, and it’s time to let loose a little. And to be able to do that, one needs to feel comfortable and at their best.

In the past, we have given you multiple outfit choices with heavy design work, bold colors to make a statement. And evidently, we all love playing dress-up. But this year, we are seeing a change in our customers’ preferences. The season calls for simple, stylish outfits that allow your skin to breathe, to help you have a gala time without any hassle.

Not many people know that certain fabrics and silhouettes can do wonders and make one feel comfortable, despite the occasion; you can look fabulous in anything. That is why we are here to provide you with options that you must pick for your festive parties.

  1. Trapezio Tunic – Do you prefer subtle colors and light fabrics? If yes, go for our Trapezio Tunic, a perfect amalgamation of stylish cuts on satin fabric. This tunic has a sheen that is enough to make you look dazzling for the parties.

  1. Angelica Long Dress– As the name suggests, this number will make you feel like an angel or a goddess. The Angelica Long Dress is an intense, dramatic addition to any festive wardrobe. With intricate geometric embroidery along the shoulder, it features a V neckline perfect for any elegant evening affair.

  1. Casper Cuff Beaded Top – Gone are the days when you were supposed to wear a lehenga or a saree for festive occasions. It’s time we make a switch to a more contemporary option. Yes, Casper Cuff Beaded Top is the one you should pick if you want to look effortlessly stylish. Opt for the lime-colored top and be ready to make a statement.

  1. Macroon Long Cowl Dress – We love dresses, and if you love them too then, this is the ideal dress for your festive party. The Macroon long cowl dress is a perfect combination of style and comfort, mixed with intricate embroidery and a lust-worthy walnut brown color.

That’s it, ladies! We hope we have helped you in picking the perfect festive-appropriate flowy, and fuss-free indo western clothing. Ultimately, festivals are all about spreading cheer, and for that, you must add a dash of glam to your ensemble. Happy Shopping!

3 Game-Changing Styles for Curvy Body Type

In the past, curvy women or plus size women have been out of fashion conversations but, since the last few years, plus size women have taken the fashion industry by a storm. Things have changed, and women of different body shapes have turned up with full confidence. Some have even become influencers & a few have rocked the ramps like never before.

The fashion trends are rapidly changing, and the industry is becoming more welcoming and open to accepting and offering clothing for the plus-size ladies. The boom in this industry has led multiple brands to understand that fashion belongs to all. Even though the industry has opened its door for curvy women, there is still a lack of study on comfort, style, types of silhouettes, body positivity, etc. The challenge, however, is to style the available clothing and make it look even more gorgeous on yourself. With Chique, it becomes easier to shop for all sizes and body types as we provide our customers with the latest trends, including designer dresses and long tunics. We are a one-stop destination for all the plus-size women wanting to be trendiest and with the best types of silhouettes for their bodies.

Styling can be a tricky business, and if one thing goes wrong, your overall attire and efforts can go in vain. But when it comes to plus-size, there are ways and tricks to make the silhouette fall on your curves in the best way, so let’s dive in to know a few easy tips & tricks to get the styling right.

  1. Asymmetrical is always yes! This silhouette will help you look in posture and is mostly preferred for plus size. The cuts and trims on the asymmetrical are a good option for plus size women. So, pair a long printed tunic dress from Chique with heels and a pair of dazzling earrings to look appealing. 

2. Tunic Dresses: The second most preferred and in-style is the tunic dress, this piece from Chique is one-of-a-kind for its intricate print work in blue and white. It’s loose and comfortable and will give you the breathing space you require in the scorching heat. So click on the link to shop for the Cali Tunic, which is much-loved by our customers .

3. For the love of Ethnic Wear – If you are someone who hearts ethnic wear, then these two designs are meant for you. The double-hem kurta like Angela long tunic will not only accentuate your height but, will take the focus from the problem areas to the sheer fabric and the cuts of the tunic. Likewise, with Alexi long tunic, the color is magnificent & the asymmetric hemline is a charming addition to the look. Pair your Chique ethnic wear with light jewelry to keep it subtle yet sparkling, and you are good to go.

So, while the blog has come to an end, we hope you have found these tips & our favorite options helpful in picking outfits & styling for your body type. Keep slaying those curves until next time!

6 Ways to Spruce up Your Space to Feel Productive Yet Relaxed!

You got what you asked for. An extended vacation at the starting of the year isn’t really a bad idea, but when you have been quarantined for over two weeks, you are bound to rethink all that you wished for! Now that we all are stuck at our homes or we could say vacationing at our comfort zone, we might want to spruce our spaces up a bit. We are not suggesting your tire yourself up after working for 10 hours in a day at your home office, but trust us, the best you can do during the social distancing time is to spend a little time to jazz up your workspace and pamper yourself to see a ray of sunshine even if your days are gloomy. But hey, don’t limit yourself up, we have got plenty of fantastic ideas that will take your mind off of your office work and let you relax in your locale like it’s summer holidays all over again. So, let us inspire you to beautify your space so you can relax and sit comfortably without feeling all dejected.

1. Declutter

Your home is a living space, not a storage space”, said Francine Jay, a minimalist who like many other influential and successful people believes that your space should only consist of the things that are important and requires attention. Because believe it or not, the more you clutter your space, the more your mind will be cluttered; so girls, get your boxes and dispose of all the things you don’t need. Get to work and keep your room clean and pretty.

2. Bring your office desk at home

Well, we are not saying you literally get all the things you have in your office to your home-office-space but if you think about it, making a room in your space where you can only work feels nothing less than Zen. Clean up your desk, keep your office essentials such as your laptop, a notebook, stationery, pins, and a board if you need it. Keep it as simple as possible. Make sure to sit up straight on a chair and try to avoid working in your comfortable spot, aka your bed. You will see your productivity going off the roof.

3. Keep your healthy munchies and drinks around!

While we do not suggest you gorge on food throughout the day but we all have made the sin of eating unhealthy munchies that has only made us lazier. However, we do suggest you keep your bottle of water with you at all times, and to avoid eating anything and everything that you find in the kitchen, we have a couple of fun ideas that will not take much of your time and will keep you hydrated and feeling full at all times –

• Cold Green Tea + Cucumber + Lime
• Cold Water + Watermelon + Lemon + Cucumber
• Platter of Fruits and Veggies
• Baked Kale Chips
• Healthy Almond Butter Cookies
• Crispy Chickpeas
• Homemade Granola Bars

4. Stack your innerwear and outerwear separately!

When we say “innerwear”, we know what comes to your mind! Lingerie, right? But no, the difference between innerwear and outerwear is very simple. What you wear out of your home is outerwear, like we all know. But innerwear doesn’t have to be your PJs or boring old-stained clothes that you will get rid of after the quarantine is over. Like most of the people, all of us have started indulging in interesting pieces that we can wear at home but we can wear those same pieces outside also. Clever, right? Not so much. But the benefit of the latest concept of innerwear is exciting and keeps you looking fresh whether you are on an outing with your friends or sitting like a couch potato at home. Clean your wardrobe and bring all the innerwear in the front, neatly.

5. Green your room!

On a room-cleaning spree and you have decorated your room with the perfect lighting and hung all the precious photos of your friends, family and nostalgic memories of vacations. But if you haven’t added green to your room yet, you are missing out. To feel like home and not get bored by the view, you must bring a touch of the outside world that will bring your space alive. Try it, get your small plants in your room and don’t forget to give them sunlight and water when required.

6. Lastly, add aroma & music to lighten the mood.

Last but not the least, our favorite of the lot, get your vinyl out or plug in your jazzy and relaxing music and spray your favorite scent in the room. You are bound to love your space even more. It’s tried and tested and never fails, even if you are worked up, it will relax you in a jiffy. Give it a try and you will thank us later.

While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our collection of summer clothing that consists of funky prints, bold casuals and spring-appropriate colors to soothe your mind and bring charm to your wardrobe. We have got a range of ladies’ dresses online and cotton dresses online, so check them out and put them in your wishlist to shop after the lockdown –

Happy Exploring!

Spring Summer 2020 Collection

It’s that time of the year again when you gear up and fill your wardrobe with fresh new styles, vibrant colors and breezy silhouettes. While the summers are approaching at a really slow pace and due to harsh episodes in the world, it is recommended to sit back at home and do all the shopping comfortably without risking your health. Well, who wouldn’t enjoy the luxury of shopping online and getting their wardrobe ready in a click?

Summer Spring 2020 brings to you an endless selection of pieces with glamorous looks, comfortable silhouettes and a mix of classic sophistication and contemporary minimalism. This season, Chique is living for the art and technique of designing beautiful prêt collection for the lovely ladies. Read further to know what all to expect in the SS20 Collection –

For The Love of Prints!

This season, dare to try an extraordinary print from Chique Studio that features vivid hues and edgy numbers. Discover the soft and feminine causal tops and tunics that are super lightweight and not heavy on the pocket as well.


The trend may have died for a little while but we are definitely living for high-low trend this season. It is inspired by Victorian Era dresses that were ultimately knows as fishtail dress because of its hem. The high-low over the years has been a favorite for designers and stylists around the world as it not only gives comfort but also accentuates the figure like no other. Find a mixture of color palette consisting of pinks, olive, turquoise that gives a perfect combination of femininity, attitude and style.

The Craft of Embellishment

We bring to you a new way of sporting embellishment in the season of summer without going overboard with styling. Chique ensemble are beautifully designed for both casual and party looks – crafted with intricate embellishments, embroidery and motif work to suit all occasions. To finish your look, think of dainty drop earrings or a statement piece for evening with strappy high heels and clutch bag for extra glamour.

Click on the link to explore a range of dresses for women & cotton dresses online from the house of Chique – https://chiqueofficial.com/new-in.html?product_list_order=newest

5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Outfits We are Totally Crushing On!

February is the month of spreading love and awesomeness and while Valentine’s Day is around the corner, women all around the world are ready to play dress up yet again. With so many options, women tend to pick reds and pinks; it being the obvious choice to celebrate the day of love; Chique is here to give a little twist to your Valentine’s date-night look. From cape shirt to tunics, we have got it all and whether you plan a date with your spouse or celebrate Galentine’s Day with your girlies; make sure to look elegant and party ready. Check out our favorite picks for Valentine’s Day:


Chique presents to you our glamorous Casper cuff beaded top in solid lime color structured in bat-sleeves and cuffed with elegant embroidery – perfect for a date-night. Pair the top with jeans & heels and you will be all set to party comfortably.


Damsel Fly Cape Shirt from Chique is an effortlessly elegant cape with beaded dragonfly motifs that will ignite the enthusiasm & bring glam to your daily outfits. This shirt cape is nothing but luxurious with embroidery work so you don’t have to wear jewelry to make a statement. The best part, you can wear it at your workplace and then head straight for your date.

Mira Long Dress

Have a brunch date at a luxurious place? Fear not, we have got you covered with the perfect cocktail dress in a striking cream color with embroidery work on the neckline – it’s subtle yet an eye-catcher. What more could you have asked for? Get it and double your fashion flair wearing this tunic from Chique.


If you are looking for a relaxed outfit for your date, then opt for the Aiexi long tunic in solid red color – beautifully structured to suit all body types and all occasions. Trust us you will look elegant, simple and chic. Slip into a white or cream leggings and carry a clutch bag. Dressing up has never been this easy!


Millie long tunic from the house of Chique takes away the cake of being the perfect Valentine’s Day outfit. It is beautifully embroidered on shoulders, structured in velvet, suitable for all body types and will make anyone look elegant yet sensual. The velvet amps up the party look so don’t go overboard with styling the outfit.

Keep the spirit of love alive with Chique, click on the link to shop for more such elegant indo-western dresses for womenhttps://chiqueofficial.com/

Style Guide: 4 Cocktail Party Dresses that are Instagram Worthy

We say, this 2020, let’s not roll into regrets, disappointments, boring clothes and anything that dulls down your spirit. To keep up with the January spirit all year ‘round, we suggest you take party outfits to a whole new level and rid yourself of the boring ethnic clothes. Ladies, whether you’re the party starter who is sipping on her mimosa before the guests arrive or the latecomer who is only concerned about making a statement – we have got you covered with a list of party dresses to try this 2020. These drop-dead gorgeous evening cocktail dresses are so lust-worthy; your Instagram followers wouldn’t stop drooling over them. Read further to see a range of opulent choices that can make your party night!


This flamingo dress is the ultimate attention grabber of any party – if you are going for a cocktail party, we suggest you keep your outfit color subtle and make a statement with the intricate motif work and details. We are head over heels in love with sheen and sparkle this year so we recommend you slip into a shiny number from Chique with details that are enough to jazz up your look for the party season.

Netty Dhoti Dress

Wine cocktail dress – how much ever cliché it looks, we suggest any woman who’s a total party animal to own this dress. It is a sensational outfit option that is beautifully crafted with off-shoulder neckline with cowls and 3/4th sleeves. What more would you want for an evening soiree? Pair it up with bronze or black stilettos and head out confidently.

Solid Black Zia Beaded Dress

Since it is the season of ruffles, lace, and sheer fabrics – it was much needed to add this black beaded dress from the house of Chique. What we love about this piece is its intricate beaded work and the boldness that sheer fabric brings. A woman who’s bold and trendy will certainly rock this dress without a doubt! The dress features flared sleeves with a round embroidered neckline. Pair it with black strappy stilettoes and rock the cocktail party.

Mira Long Dress

Save your day with the heather rose dress, perfect for a day look. Don’t be afraid to head out in the Mira long dress, it will take you from day to night with only minor changes in accessories and you will be sorted for an entire day of the cocktail party. Colored in heather rose – a trendy color of the season, we bet this dress will keep you comfortable all day long.

Our list of evening cocktail dresses may never end ‘coz Chique has opulent choices that will cure all your fashion woes this year. If you are looking for something fancy without breaking the bank, then these dresses will take you places. They are flirty and modern, with a little flare and sparkle to keep it feminine chic for your evening parties. Tap to see more such options: https://chiqueofficial.com/dresses.html

The Best Style Guide for Every Horoscope for the Year 2020.

Every year, all of us chant “New Year, New Me” in hopes to follow our goals and dreams with full zest and determination. While we do that, we tend to see our horoscope charts in a quest to find our purpose and redirect our actions to achieve the #NEWME goals as efficiently as possible. Keeping the seriousness of life aside, Chique brings to you a fun chart of fashion horoscope to cure all your fashion woes and revamp your closet – so consider our #ChiqueCelestialGuide as the Gospel’s truth for the Year 2020. Follow our fashion horoscope advice and shop for party outfits for women.

Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Netty Dhoti Dress

While everyone else follows the crowd, Aries is the one who leads the pack with confidence and sheer boldness. This year, step up your fashion game with Chique Net dhoti dress that features off-shoulder and cowl in wine color to make a statement.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Solid Sky Blue Beaded Cape

Creatures of Comfort, the Earth sign Taurus is the one who eyes for quality over quantity. They have a rich taste in style and are lovers of soft and luxe fabrics such as velvet, satin and everything fine. Taurus ladies, we have the perfect outfit for you that is an eye-catcher and comfortable, so gift yourself the solid sky blue cape to allure your sensual soft side.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)


Geminis, as we know, have a deep-rooted fear of repetition which is what makes them a fashion chameleon. They love to accessorize, wear bold and funky prints to match their fun personality. This is why we have Chique kaftan tunic adorned with blossoms in pink and grey to match with their changing moods and personalities.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)


Cancerians are the die-hard romantics with a taste in feminine and luxury clothing. They prefer softer silhouettes with subtle colors which is why Chique Lemon Shoulder dress is perfect as it also features pleats and cowls for the prim and poised lady.

Leo (July 32 – August 22)


Leo Ladies are the ultimate #BOSSLADIES of the zodiac – they are bold, creative and like to keep their outfits dramatic yet subtle. So Leo women, keep up with the flair for dramatic power dressing and slip into the blazer-fit jumpsuit to look immaculately in style.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)


The admirer of conservative and practical dressing, Miss Virgo is the perfectionist top to bottom. The Virgo woman is also known to love the traditional dressing and is often mistaken to be too serious, but with Chique, you can add a bit of jazz to your graceful outfit. Opt the leaf mace tunic and be ready to dazzle the year 2020.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)


Libra women are naturally drawn to all things beautiful – they have an amazing eye for the changing trends and often, you will find them following the latest runway trends like the Gospel’s truth. If you are a Libra woman, we suggest you take on the fashion world with the trendiest tunic from Chique.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)


The powerful yet the sexiest sign – Scorpio likes to keep it fresh, feminine and classy. They prefer dark tones and tend to wear their hearts on sleeves, unlike Cancer women. If you are a true Scorpion woman, we are sure you’ll love the Chique Mayra Jacket which is subtle yet a strong statement.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)


There’s no such thing as “too much” for the Sagittarius woman. They are the lovers of sinful embellishment and quintessential shiny fabrics. Go crazy this year with Chique Gold Trapezio Tunic in blush pink color which has enough drama and bling to take you through the tough times.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Mia Long Dress

Capricorns much like the other Earth signs are mostly about functional and comfortable styling. They want to dress to impress and look polished wherever they go. This year, we suggest you make a solid impression in the easy-breezy silhouette with Chique Mia long dress.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

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Print Indian Accent A Line Tunic

The air sign needs no validation on how to dress – they are the boldest sign who love quirky and unusual prints and silhouettes. You will often find an Aquarius woman to be free-spirited & super endearing. We recommend you to channel your quirkiness in style and comfort with Chique Indian Accent Tunic.

Pieces (February 19 – March 20)


The most Bohemian of the bunch, Pieces are dreamy and sensational people who manage to look divine even in a robe. Pieces women prefer laid-back lifestyle and to keep up with that, we recommend you opt for the Angelica long dress for your evening soirees to look nothing less than the Aphrodite.

Change your persona this 2020 and shop for party dresses for women and much more from Chique. Follow the stars to look whimsical and sophisticated all year ‘round.

Welcome 2020 with Lust-Worthy Trends of The Season!

Let’s give 2020 year a trendy welcome with Chique – we have got various trends that have not only taken the runway by a storm but have been noticed on the Indian & International streets quite evidently. With the rise in trends & people taking fashion runway as the Gospel truth, we have also incorporated these trends in our collection; nevertheless, we have managed to give our unique sense of creativity and Chique’s core design aesthetic to the trends – that is elegant & contemporary touch making it wearable all around the year. From draped western dresses for women to the cowl moment, we have seen it all on the runway and in our collection as well, however, here’s our list of 3 major trends that we are drooling over and in no time, you will also lust over these trendy options. So, wait no more and learn about the trends of the season –

Sheen & Sparkle

western dresses for women

This season undertakes sequins, bijoux embellishment, sheen fabrics and much more with a slightly more thoughtful aesthetic. Sheen & sparkle has the potential for variations which can be incorporated in numerous styles and forms. Which is why, we suggest you slip into Chique garments that have the right amount of glitz and glam, enough to jazz up your look for the party season.
Boost your self-confidence and exuberate sheer boldness in these Chique outfits to remain trendy & in-style:

Velvet Dreams

long tunic dress

Velvet and winter season go hand-in-hand as the fabric brings the right amount of charm and sophistication, which is why it never fails to go out of trend for most women. This season, Chique is presenting you with a variety of elegant options for women who are looking for something dressy and romantic for their upcoming parties. As velvet is a statement on its own, you don’t need to accessories too much so go subtle on your accessories and try not to go overboard with styling these gorgeous pieces. Here’s our take on the velvet fabric:

Purple Wave

party dresses for women

Purple – the color of royalty that we all are lusting over is having a major moment in various shades and textures. This year, if you are missing out on the trendiest color, then girl, you are missing out on the greatest outfits from Chique. Give this color a try in various shades – lavender, plum and aubergine, heather rose to name a few. We are totally drooling over purple for its deep, dark and comforting feel. Here we have our favorite party numbers with meticulous design and detail –

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Revamp Your Wardrobe with Unique Designs at Up to 40% OFF.

There’s no better time to upgrade your wardrobe essentials and truly indulge in the shopping spree if you are a true shopaholic. Be it your usual style or party outfits, if you have planned to buy a variety of dresses, tops and bottoms for your everyday wear and occasion wear then EOSS is indeed the perfect time to carry a whole new wardrobe for less. Here’s how you can make the most of the End of Season Sale without burning your purse-strings, we have got a line of collections that will beat your wardrobe woes. So what are you waiting for? Read further to know more.

Winter Sweet Sale Up to 40% OFF

“I have nothing to wear” – how many times in a week do we say that? Multiple times as we know it, especially when you’re running late for brunch, meeting or a party, it gets frustrating. To cure that issue for once and for all, we have got a collection of darling dresses for women, elegant tops and trendy tunics to soothe your fashion problems because Chique has the trendiest pieces with meticulous designs. From party wear to your daily outfits, we have got it all. So, shop the latest collection that features intricate work, some sassy prints and luxurious fabrics that will brighten up your mood and bring the glam quotient to your wardrobe. Browse the sweet collection and celebrate the December aka party season with Chique. https://chiqueofficial.com/

20% OFF on Bottoms

Get rid of the boring churidars, old-fashioned plain palazzo pants and stir up your wardrobe with versatile bottoms with extraordinary prints and designs from Chique. We have got a fabulous collection of bottoms that will take you looking from nada to Prada in a second. Explore the collection that consists of tulip pants, pleated skirts, printed trousers and so much more, so tap on the link to explore the collection: http://bit.ly/2r8Fzss

Winter 2K19 Trends that You Just Can’t do Without!

With the fast-paced and evolving trends, the winter season is approaching at an even faster pace which is a great reason to loosen up on those purse strings. Despite the change in trends, Chique has a few staple & classic winter outfits for women that are meant to be in everyone’s wardrobe. While the trends may keep changing, we have a handful of ingredients in our collection that are topping the 2019 trends chart this season. We are talking about velvet fabric, structured silhouette, and playful embroidery work to liven up your party winter wardrobe and much more. Get yourself one of a winter outfit, so your RSVP is no longer delayed and in doubt! Check out the winter collection, and work up the winter magic with authentic designs, whimsical detailing & comfortable silhouettes.

Work + Weekend Ready!

dresses for women

Make a lasting impression at your workplace in the Chique blazer-fit jumpsuit available in navy color, a subtle winter hue with fine work of geometric embroidery that will be the perfect outfit for a working day, especially if you have a gathering or a formal party planned later, this jumpsuit will quickly take you from looking sophisticated to party-ready in a jiffy. From delightful embroidery work to a blazer-fit silhouette, the features bring new meaning to the layering game, which is what makes this jumpsuit a reliable choice for a day-to-evening look.

Velvet for the Luxe Soul!

Winter is empty without the classic fabric – velvet; it is the most versatile and keeps one warm without having to add tons of layers to protect from cold winters. Velvet can be dressed up, dressed down, can be worn as a layer make for a great statement piece. So, here’s our take on the velvet fabric for the all chic women who are looking for something dressy and romantic this winter season. The side paneled velvet tunic is an eye-catcher with simple geometric embroidery work for contemporary women. Pair it up with elegant and simple jewelry and make sure to not go overboard with styling this gorgeous piece.

Flatters all Body Shapes!

winter wear for women

The luxurious textured fabric – velvet has won over our hearts and we just can’t stop lusting over this winter classic trend. It is soft and charming, to say the least, but the soft pink color is the real deal here. Velvet happens to be the sartorially safest choice for a brunch or evening party in winter season for its sheer elegance. The Millie long tunic has a flare that would suit all body shapes quite gracefully and the embroidery work on shoulders will add enough glam to the look, so give flares and velvet a go this winter season and shop the Millie long tunic from the House of Chique.

Luxury at its Finest!

long tunic dress

Winters are undeniably all about making a statement – either by adding top-notch accessories to your outfit or significantly adding layers to set your outfit apart. This year, give accessories and layers of clothing a miss for the next winter party you have to go for. Opt. for the chicest outfit available from the House of Chique that will ignite the enthusiasm, and tone down the gloominess that the season will bring! This piece is offered in Maroon color which is nothing but luxurious with embroidery work so you don’t have to wear jewelry to make a statement.

Class Redefined!

winter outfits for women

Make a subdued style statement at your workplace with Mayra jacket which is the ultimate style statement piece from Chique. Work the magic of cape-like-jacket that is perfect for a stylish soul; the slits add drama to the outfit which ultimately will make anyone look chic yet different from the rest. This jacket can make anyone look trendy and will give you the confidence to express your individuality. Go minimal with your accessories and pair this jacket up with formal trousers to achieve the complete look.

Shop for more winter wear for ladies and look chic all day long!