You got what you asked for. An extended vacation at the starting of the year isn’t really a bad idea, but when you have been quarantined for over two weeks, you are bound to rethink all that you wished for! Now that we all are stuck at our homes or we could say vacationing at our comfort zone, we might want to spruce our spaces up a bit.

We are not suggesting your tire yourself up after working for 10 hours in a day at your home office, but trust us, the best you can do during the social distancing time is to spend a little time to jazz up your workspace and pamper yourself to see a ray of sunshine even if your days are gloomy. But hey, don’t limit yourself up, we have got plenty of fantastic ideas that will take your mind off of your office work and let you relax in your locale like it’s summer holidays all over again. So, let us inspire you to beautify your space so you can relax and sit comfortably without feeling all dejected.



Your home is a living space, not a storage space”, said Francine Jay, a minimalist who like many other influential and successful people believes that your space should only consist of the things that are important and requires attention. Because believe it or not, the more you clutter your space, the more your mind will be cluttered; so girls, get your boxes and dispose of all the things you don’t need. Get to work and keep your room clean and pretty.



Well, we are not saying you literally get all the things you have in your office to your home-office-space but if you think about it, making a room in your space where you can only work feels nothing less than Zen. Clean up your desk, keep your office essentials such as your laptop, a notebook, stationery, pins, and a board if you need it. Keep it as simple as possible. Make sure to sit up straight on a chair and try to avoid working in your comfortable spot, aka your bed. You will see your productivity going off the roof.



While we do not suggest you gorge on food throughout the day but we all have made the sin of eating unhealthy munchies that has only made us lazier. However, we do suggest you keep your bottle of water with you at all times, and to avoid eating anything and everything that you find in the kitchen, we have a couple of fun ideas that will not take much of your time and will keep you hydrated and feeling full at all times –

• Cold Green Tea + Cucumber + Lime
• Cold Water + Watermelon + Lemon + Cucumber
• Platter of Fruits and Veggies
• Baked Kale Chips
• Healthy Almond Butter Cookies
• Crispy Chickpeas
• Homemade Granola Bars



When we say “innerwear”, we know what comes to your mind! Lingerie, right? But no, the difference between innerwear and outerwear is very simple. What you wear out of your home is outerwear, like we all know. But innerwear doesn’t have to be your PJs or boring old-stained clothes that you will get rid of after the quarantine is over. Like most of the people, all of us have started indulging in interesting pieces that we can wear at home but we can wear those same pieces outside also. Clever, right? Not so much. But the benefit of the latest concept of innerwear is exciting and keeps you looking fresh whether you are on an outing with your friends or sitting like a couch potato at home. Clean your wardrobe and bring all the innerwear in the front, neatly.



On a room-cleaning spree and you have decorated your room with the perfect lighting and hung all the precious photos of your friends, family and nostalgic memories of vacations. But if you haven’t added green to your room yet, you are missing out. To feel like home and not get bored by the view, you must bring a touch of the outside world that will bring your space alive. Try it, get your small plants in your room and don’t forget to give them sunlight and water when required.



Last but not the least, our favorite of the lot, get your vinyl out or plug in your jazzy and relaxing music and spray your favorite scent in the room. You are bound to love your space even more. It’s tried and tested and never fails, even if you are worked up, it will relax you in a jiffy. Give it a try and you will thank us later.

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Happy Exploring!