Tired of looking for the perfect dress to highlight your au natural sophistication for an evening out on town? Look no further! Chique's collection of western dresses for women promises to bring to your closet a much-envied touch of subtle glamour that leaves you wanting more. Take your pick from our long dresses for women to feel like the royalty you are. With designs tirelessly created to accentuate the best in you, trust us when we say no party is complete without one of our swoon-worthy dresses!

Macaron Cowl Long Dress

This hammer satin dress envelopes your curves flawlessly to make sure all eyes are on you. An intricate neckline adds the perfect embellishment. Sophisticated, subtle, and created for highlighting an evening of socialising, pair this long dress for women up with a golden belt to enhance your waist, and a set of black pumps to complete the look.

Gold Leaf Cowl Dress

Missing a chic wine masterpiece from your wardrobe to make you feel like royalty? Style your evening with this perfect party outfit for women. With a charming gold leaf embroidered neckline, pair this flowy number with a simple golden belt to show off your curves. 


If clothes maketh a man, this flowing Prussian blue dress with cap sleeves will make you look like an absolute queen. A gold embellished neckline makes this a picture of beauty and grace, and its elegant silhouette creates the perfect evening cocktail dress. Specially made to order with a delivery time of 12 days, don't miss out on adding this one to your collection.

Angelica Long Dress

If you're looking to make a fashion statement, this dramatic navy blue evening cocktail dress promises that you need not look any further. With an intense combination of gold on blue, this stunning piece weaves elegance and asymmetry that aims to dazzle. 

Dresses bring a unique sophistication to the table that is unmatched by any other outfit. Find an array of luxurious and elegant women’s clothing only at Chique, from chic dresses to flowing gowns and gorgeous shirts, and slay every day, in style!
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