Get your pencils and notebooks, we are ready for the class. Don't worry! This isn't a boring class. You won't get the urge to bunk this one. It is a fashion class. We are going to start with the basics of Fashion. Initially learning steps in schools are about learning Alphabet. We are also going to learn about the Alphabet, but make it Fashion.


Not every hem needs to be plain and straight. Designers can play with casual shirts for women and create an asymmetrical hem. It means that the bottom part of the garment has uneven levels. The cut could be on a shorter length on one side, and a longer length on the other side. The design could have asymmetrical diagonally, or on either the front or back side of the garment.

Cowl Shirt



Taken from the lands of Gujarat and Rajasthan, this technique has become a common practice around the country. It is a tie and dye technique, in which the fabric is tied in a certain way to create a pattern. Small particles like stones or channas are also used to tie knots in the garment. Once the tyeing is done, the fabric is then dipped into the dye. The dip also is longer for the bottom part of the garment, to create an Ombre effect.

D for DYE

Dip Dye Rani Button down Shirt

This might sound like Bandhej. But Bandhej is one technique where Dyeing is a vast concept. Dyeing consists of several techniques. Almost every garment is manufactured through a dyeing process, other than a White garment. Dip Dye Rani Button down Shirt gives you the liberty to make the garment in the color of your choice.



Embroidery is a technique for decorating a garment by adding stitches. Initially, this technique was done by hand. But these days machines are used to manufacture large amounts of garments. In order to do this, embroidery, silk, or zari threads are used. The desired area of the fabric, where the embroidery is supposed to be done, is stretched and put on a hoop. This step is essential to ensure that there are no loose threads once the embroidery is done. Once the motif is chosen, it can be embroidered on the garment. Mirrors, beads, or pearls can also be used in this, to enhance the look.


Hibiscus Pink Breeze Shirt

A Hibiscus Pink Breeze Shirt wear during the breezy Spring season is Floral Print. This print generally has lots of colors which make it stand out. A print like this can be done on any article of clothing like a T-shirt, Palazzos, Skirts, or Shirts. This vibrant print is a great way to be incorporated into brunch looks.


Maze Blush ShirtThis is a simple technique where a piece of fabric is stitched with a gathering boot to create fullness. If not the boot, it could also be done by making a loose stitch on the garment and pulling the thread. This piece of fabric can then be applied to the sleeves, bust, or waist part of the women's casual shirt.


Black Iva Shirt Not a revelation, that this is also a part of styles. Maze Black Shirt is basically a shorter-length sleeve. This might sound like a known concept, but there are several types of half-sleeves. Cap sleeves, bell sleeves, flutter sleeves, etc. A simple way to make an article of clothing, like a Shirt more comfortable.

*Bell Rings*

Okay, this is it for today’s class. We will meet for the next lecture to discuss further Fashion terms. For the time being, you are safe and won't get caught by the Fashion Police. Till then, your homework is to Explore Chique’s website and identify the techniques that are used to create the garment.