Set the mood for a party with an outfit that stuns everyone. At Chique, we believe in unique, high-quality outfits for everyone. If you want to buy designer shirts online, you can shop at your one stop destination and get your new outfit delivered right at your doorstep. An understated style is reflected by Chique which imply the clothing is designer instead of focusing on plastering their brand on the chest for ‘drip’. Using the best material available from sustainable sources, we use materials like cotton silk, georgette, satin etc. to make your stylish dresses lovable to your skin and provide you with the comfort and confidence you need.

Check out our best selling shirts and buy designer shirts online at Chique. Here are some of our suggestions for you:

Damsel Fly Cape Shirt 

Have a look at this Solid Wine colored Cape Shirt which is as comfortable and breezy as a shirt can get during this sweltering summer. Using Bamboo Georgette fabric in it’s construction, this shirt is as soft as silk but as breathable as Nylon or Polyester. Designed to impress, this cape shirt has a Gathered Flared Sleeve and a Spread Collar which has a great Casual Party vibe. The dragonfly embroidery on the chest and around the collar puts the whole outfit together.


This navy blue colored shirt is made of satin for the ultimate comfort and softness to your skin. Pair this shirt with light colored skinny fit trousers or a wide palazzo to get your outfit for the day sorted. This shirt is also available in a beautiful, earthy Olive color which looks as elegant and versatile as this Navy colored shirt. Featuring an embroidered floral pattern shirts at the shoulder, you can wear this outfit to a casual party and stir up a conversation about it.

The Breeze 

Brisk, Bold and Boisterous, this colorful shirt carries as many colors as your own personality. This dress is your perfect casual party outfit for when you want to let loose! Pair this shirt up with white skinny jeans for a great Holi Party outfit. Check our Mustard Bandhej Shirt for a bold look. This shirt is made of Cotton silk and is naturally hypoallergenic, which means that you will not face any skin problems like rashes, hives etc., if you have sensitive skin. This shirt is extremely breathable, owing to the fabric used and features a modern looking standing collar which gives this shirt the look of a hybrid shirt -kurta.

Check out the complete collection and buy designer shirts online at Chique!

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