The age of the unending sweat is upon us. Armed with deodorant sticks and talcum powder to beat the prickly heat, we may try to steer clear of it but there is no escaping the glare. The best thing to do is to invest in cool, airy and roomy clothing such as cotton pants and casual shirts. And yes, you can wear the comfiest clothes to battle the sweltering summers without having to forgo your fashion statement. Here are some ways you can breeze through the scorching weather without a sweat. 

Cotton is the fabric to stick to. Cotton shirts, cotton t-shirts, cotton kurtas, cotton pants for women, whatever you can get your hands on, is good. Cotton is light, breathable and absorbs sweat, allowing you to stay cool and comfy all day. Keep a few loose-fitted cotton shirts handy for your summer afternoons. Ladies casual shirts in light shades and loose fittings can just save your summer. 

Make wide legged pants your go-to bottom-wear. A pair of wide legged cotton pants for women will be highly useful when closed fitted jeans are off the list on a hot and humid day. If you can’t do without your jeans, try a pair of boyfriend jeans instead. They are roomy and look really cool when styled with a crop top or casual shirts and sneakers or high tops. Cotton pants can be worn with t-shirts for a casual look. You can also pair them with floral cotton shirts for women for a summery vibe.  

Denim shorts are cool for the tunic summer dress, just keep your sunscreen handy. As an alternative to cotton pants for women, a pair of well-fitted shorts with an oversized white shirt and white sneakers is a whole look that oozes the summer vibe.

Shoes that require socks must go. Get a pair of strappy sandals or ballet flats instead and walk around the town without having to worry about stinky feet. If you can’t do without heels, try a pair of wedge sandals. It will give you the height along with comfort for all your summer adventures.

What’s summer without a sundress? Light and breezy sundresses are the easiest to wear in summertime. Alternatively, a maxi dress will shield you from the blazing heat and keep you cool at the same time. Pair your sundress with two-strap sandals and cool sunglasses!
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