Yes, we heard your wish of standing out from the crowd without compromising with the comfort factor. We heard your wish of looking summer-ready and feel like you as if you are wearing nothing. Therefore, we are here to introduce you to Chique's range of tunic tops for women

Versatile Visions: Stylishly adaptable tunics

1. Tunic tops for women are versatile

Chique's tunic tops for women can be dressed according to the occasion which makes this range suitable for multiple occasions. Long tunic tops can be paired with leggings, jeans or even worn as dresses, offering endless outfit possibilities. 

2. Comfort: 

Comfort is the biggest factor in suggesting these to modern women. The loose and flowy silhouettes permit the wearer to move and breathe with ease. Furthermore, relaxed fit and soft fabrics make tunic tops for women perfect for all-day wearability.

3. Oh-so good flattering fit!

Tunic tops are designed to flatter different body types. Their longer length provides coverage and can help to conceal areas of self-consciousness. Furthermore, they create a balanced and elongated silhouette, making them flattering for many women.

4. Style and Trendiness

Tunic tops for women are available in a wide range of styles, colours, and prints. Furthermore, they can be found in various necklines, sleeve lengths, and embellishments, catering to different fashion preferences. 

Tunic tops for women to shop from Chique


Chique's Palms Pink Tunic top for women is a pleasant fusion of style and solace that takes you to a tropical paradise with its vibrant charm. 

Designed with meticulous attention to detail, this pair of tunic tops are a true embodiment of chic fashion. Furthermore, the soft, breezy fabric drape gracefully, allowing you to move with ease while exuding an air of effortless elegance.

Speaking of the shade, it has been painted in a captivating pink hue, reminiscent of blooming flowers, adding a touch of playfulness to your ensemble. Whether you're strolling along the beach or sipping cocktails poolside, the Palms Pink Tunic will be your perfect companion, radiating sunny vibes wherever you go.

The unique palm leaf print lends a tropical flair, evoking images of swaying palm trees and warm ocean breezes. 

Get ready to make waves and bask in the spotlight with this must-have addition to your wardrobe.


Make way for an enchanting tunic top for women if you want to look graceful, this summer. Bella Mint Top boasts a flattering silhouette that skims your curves and ensures that feel effortlessly chic all day long.

The mesmerizing mint hue of this tunic top adds a touch of whimsy to any outfit. So, whether you are heading to brunch with friends or attending a casual soirée, dressing up this top right is all you have to do. 

The pearl detailing on bell sleeves lends an exquisite vibe. Provided that you like to wear it with a pair of jeans or leggings or even with tailored pants or a skirt, you will surely turn heads wherever you go.


Aaria beta brown tunic top for women is the epitome of effortless elegance and contemporary style. The unique blend of sophistication and solace makes this style closet worthy. 

Its rich brown hue adds a touch of warmth and versatility to your outfit choices. Furthermore, the premium quality fabric offers a luxurious feel against your skin, ensuring a breathable experience all day long. Moreover, the loud and eye-catching print adds a touch of artisanal charm.


Rosebud mint tunic top is a true delight for women seeking a style which is a blend of style and sophistication. Furthermore, it showcases a refreshing mint hue that instantly captivates the eye. 

Speaking about the fabric, it's lightweight, and sheer and drapes gracefully, lending a relaxed yet polished silhouette that flatters every body type. Moreover, the intricate and embroidered rosebud pattern delicately adorns the style, adding a touch of whimsy and femininity. 

Confused about styling it? Team it with your go-to leggings, or skinny jeans or even wear it as a standalone dress that effortlessly transitions from day to night. 


Crafted from a high-quality, Lakeview Grey Tunic offers a luxurious feel against your skin while providing breathability and freedom of movement. The graceful shade of grey ensures that you make a refined statement wherever you go. 

This tunic top of long length offers coverage and versatility, making it perfect to pair with leggings, jeans, or even wear as dress. 

The side slits add a contemporary twist, enhancing the flowy and effortless look.

This lake view print is for every party mood. A new side-panelled shirt pattern is easy to wear and good to go anywhere. Invest in timeless style and undeniable comfort with the Lakeview Grey Tunic. 


Wrapping up

With Chique, get ready to tunic up your style game, ladies! Prepare to unleash your inner fashionista with our collection of trend-setting tunics.

From playful prints to vibrant hues, we've got the right balance of solace and vogue to make your wardrobe dreams come true. Slip into one of our fabulous tunics and let your quirky, confident self shine.