Party invitations have a funny way of sneaking up on us, always arriving when we are least prepared for it. Besides, a single party equals to about a heavy-load of stress – from deciding the perfect and most-appropriate dresses for the occasion, to make-up, to the accessories. One such party that manages to invoke that feeling of excitement and panic is that of a wedding cocktail party. You want to look your best, make your appearance look fun yet a little formal. We certainly know that cocktail party in a pandemic calls for outfits that have a perfect balance of classy & comfortable.

You must be in a major dilemma while you’re reading this and trying to find answers to your quest for the best party dresses available, right? Worry not! Because this is the guide where your worries end. We have lined up a handful of our favorite cocktail party outfits from the best of the best! From glamorous outfits that will add a dash of drama to your appearance to subtly chic outfits, you will find everything here. So, without further ado, let’s jump straight & explore a collection of cocktail party outfits, perfect to make you look nothing but stunning!

We absolutely love the Angelica Long Dress, because of its perfect balance of a hammer satin material and an eye-catching design. The navy dress is an intense, dramatic addition which is all about the mood to party. And, if you want to be the showstopper, then this dress with geometric embroidery and the right amount of glimmer will be the perfect idea! Keep the rest of your look nude and shiny to complete the look. 

This beautiful Cleopatra Tunic is a stunner to say the least! A cape tunic with intricate embroidery all over neck & shoulder with gorgeous silhouette will give you a princess-esque feel. The yellow color is immensely elegant and graceful and the design on the neckline will be the star of the cocktail party. You have and option of Lavender Valley Dress also for a unique look.

Talking about glamorous cocktail party outfits, we can’t miss out on the trendiest outfit SH Beaded Cape in white. Beautifully designed for both casual & party look, this cape tunic will make anyone look supremely graceful. It has the right amount of minimal & jazz so you won’t have to go over-board with accessories and make-up. Pair it with Chique tulip pants and matching earrings and you will be all set to make a statement at the party! 

For a wedding cocktail party, we couldn’t have missed out an ethnic number. With Olive Cal Body Tunic, you will rock both, ethnic and western style. From the delicate olive color combined with golden beaded work to the cut of the tunic, this cocktail outfit has us beyond drooling!

If you are on a hunt for a shimmering cocktail top, does it really get better than this number? Our Casper cuff beaded top is all about adding a dash of contemporary to the ethnic style. The long bat-sleeved blouse with embroidered cuffs in lime color makes this the perfect option to wear for a cocktail party. 

That’s it! We have given you the top 5 picks for the wedding cocktail party. You no longer have to wear boring ethnic suits, now you can choose from contemporary tunics to chic dresses and yet look formal and super elegant. To find out more party dresses for women, check out our latest collection and shop!


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